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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 18, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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steroid scandal in baseball says the admission is less than stunning. >> he admitted some stuff. he denies other stuff that is well documented and he would not talk about the "army of enableers" in his racing organization that helped him dope. >> lance armstrong said he did not feel he was doing anything wrong and did not feel bad about it. >> the definition of cheat is against a foe that they don't have, and i didn't do it that way. i viewed it a level playing field. >> a cyclist who is not satisfied. >> we have not scratched the surface even. oprah isn't an expert on the ins and outs of cycling and what happens with the antidoping. authorities agree. the hard questions have not been
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answered. the world antidoping agency wants armstrong to confess under oath. the international cycling union wants him to testify before their commission on doping, and the international olympic committee says he should happened over evidence of the doping. the question is: will any of it help? >> he has to lay it out there, publicly and privately, with the agencies, then he will have a chance to get in the public eye. >> armstrong is facing multiple lawsuits, having to do with the fraud, and legal experts say the confession could open him up to more. >> thank you very much, katie. coming up on "katie" a look inside lance armstrong's story and cheating scandals across america including the mommy file bloggers who asks should we forgive lance armstrong? that is today at 3:00 right here on abc7. >> why would a mother lie about her child's attempted abduction?
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that is what san jose investigators want to know after uncovering a made up story of a stranger trying to rip her toddler from her arms. abc7 news reporter is live in san jose with the latest on that story. >> it is safe to say the mother, jenny araujo is in a lost trouble. a last time and resources were devoted to the attempted abduction case which turned out to be a lie. we wanted to talk with jenny araujo at home but they did not answer. a friend said she was not talking to anyone. >> her boots fell or. her pants were coming off because he was pulling hard. >> that was wednesday, telling us of a stranger who tried to snatch her daughter from the front yard. a tug war with her daughter caught in the middle. police would later learn that it was all a lie. >> the investigators started to push harder and decided to bring the mother in again.
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she confessed to fabricating the story. >> i am upset this lie was perpetrated by my baby's mother for reasons unknown. >> he is now in a custody fight with araujo's two daughters and is not surprised because it has happened before the she told her friends and my family my daughter has leukemia. it wasn't until a friend who is a nurse asked her about the treatment she was receiving and she came up and she came clean. >> he told me a few minutes ago he plans now to ask for full custody of his daughters given what has happened in the last two days. police say they will press charges as soon as tuesday filing a fault police report could get jail and $1,000 fine. >> new this morning from sonoma at least one rollover accident because of black ice. it happened on river road at
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5:45 this morning a car and a truck were involved in a crash. no one was seriously hurt. the chief of the forestville russian river fire department says the road was icy because of subfreezing temperatures. if you are head the that way the road should be easier to navigate. crews put down sand. also, it is warming. >> black ice is like throw blame two this accident in petaluma a 30' box truck went off the road and flipped into a drainage creek. the driver was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital. >> happening now, sentencing is underway for the man convicted of killing two people at the toll plaza 3 1/2 years ago. the 49-year-old who is representing himself in court right now says that he will probably die in prison of natural causes because there is no such thing as the death penalty in california. he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and a man he thought was her lover at the
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toll plaza back in 2009. he says he has no regret because it is "all in the past." this morning a judge denied the motion for a new trial. >> also happening now a search is underway for a missing woman who walked away from an independent living facility. this is the 64-year-old woman. she was last seen tuesday morning on the way to church with a group when she disappeared. she may have been spotted in oakland yesterday. she has left the facility in the past but she has never been gone this long. >> right now, algerian state news is reporting 12 algerians and foreigners are known dead in hostage stand off. today is the third day of a stand off with militants at a natural gas complex. an official says the americans are held hostage in algeria. it began when a bus carrying international workers came under attack. a state department spokesman says that the u.s. is working with algeria and other governments to try to secure their release. no word on how many americans
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are still being held. the government's confirmation comes as some americans were being ferried out of the algeria. >> the manti te'o story continues. was he duped? was it a hoax? the linebacker for notre dame has yet to comment on a public hoax concerning an online girl lead something to know how much he knew before revealing the truth. questions are surfacing of interviews he did in the days after finding out about the hoax where he continues with the story that his girlfriend died. we now know the name of the woman in the blurred out photo, apparently hiring lawyers saying someone it seems to me her pictures. >> 5th california adult died from the flu sweeping the nation. the casualty was from the inland empire, and they have upgraded the reach to wide-spread in california now. the good news is that no children have died from the flu.
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this year's vaccine is a great match for the strain they are seeing so it offers good protection against getting sick. nation-wide flu is widespread in all states but for tennessee and hawaii. our reporter joins us from fremont where a community flu clinic was busy. >> this flu clinic only lasted two hours but when it ended at 9:00 am, 102 people received their flu vaccination. i was one of them. during two clinics yesterday, only 100 people came throughout the entire day. medical officials say this morning turn south a sign that the flu is the worst california will see in years. theresa is usually punks you'll for getting annual flu vaccine but this year she put it off. >> i have been so busy and i
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decided when i saw your talk on tv today at 7:00 a.m. i decided, i need to go in and get my flu shot. this is something we can do for our community. we need our health. >> recipient are 60 percent less likely to have to go to the doctor for influenza and the flu season is earlier than normal and the dominant flu strain is one that continueds to make people more sick. doctors remind patients who are parents, do not forget themselves. an 8-year-old was brought so the family could get vaccinated. >> they just poke a needle in you. it only feels like a little pinch. >> i got mine. they said i would be in and out in 15 minutes. it was faster than that. >> how long was it? three seconds. it takes three weeks to become
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fully immune and lasts a year. >> this is a hard flu year for people getting really sick and we have seen it hit in other parts of the country and now in california. we want do make sure our community is prepared and they get their flu shot. >> if you would still like to get your vaccination, washington hospital is holding another clinic this afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and a few more next week, as well, with vaccinations $10 each. reporting live from fremont for abc7 news. >> you were brave. you did not flinch. >> disturbing video of a vicious subway assault and an attacker pushes a woman right on to the tracks. >> can you tell? there is something a little different about first lady. the new
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>> stunning video from philadelphia. a man has been arrested after throwing a young woman on to the subway tracks caught on surveillance video on tuesday. the man beats the woman up. then dragged her by the ankles and threw her on the train tracks and then picked up her phone and walks appear. she climbed on to the platform, before a train pulls in shortly after. police arrested the man yesterday. >> new video of a different kind showing first lady celebrating her 49th birthday in
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washington, dc. look at obamas dining at cafe milano, an italian restaurant in georgetown. if you look closely the first lady is wearing a new haircut. she has bangs. here is a look at the new look with the nice bangs tweeting on the new twitter account, expect to see lots of the haircut around. >> and abc7 coverage of the inauguration begins on monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special "good morning america" and we will stream coverage live from washington at starting at 6:30 monday morning. >> the inauguration is happening on martin luther king's birthday and there is an open house at stanford with personal documents and photos of the leader of civil rights rights. we will have more on this and the president's inauguration
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later on abc7 news. >> mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> pretty chilly. frost was there but it is less and less likely. more and more likely we will have "spare the air" through the weekend and rough surf at the beach. i will tell you when it will be most dangerous there and how long the warm weather will last. >> the warnings surrounding the surf contest and why it could be best to wash -- watched from asho
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the san francisco 49ers are headed to georgia this afternoon for the championship game of the nfc. one lucky area man is going on the first ever plane ride. the man from bayview district got a call yesterday say he won the road trip sweepstakes scoring two free tickets to the game if atlanta and the first time ever leaving california. he will bring his cousin to the
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game. their fare, tickets and traps are all on the 49ers' time. >> there is a beach hazard for northern california coast through the weekend including the upcoming mavericks surf contest. two dozen of the top big wave riders are gathering at half moon bay for the contest and spectators are not allowed on the shoreline because of dangerous sneaker waves. the last time it was held in 2010, several were injured when huge swells crashed along the spectator areas and knocked them down or washed them into the water. >> we remember that. >> now, the sneaker waves. why are they so dangerous this weekend? >> because they are out ahead of the other waves, the big steady waves that come in on sunday. you can see from sky seven one of the bigger waves near half moon bay. they are sneaky. they knock you off the feet like last year. as we head into sunday, it is
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the big surf and rip currents the big issue. but it will be delightful weather if you get a look at the mavericks. from mount tamalpais we are looking down to ocean beach and it is nice with a bit of a breeze at 2,600'. but it is another "spare the air" day. we are waiting for the next storm to come in, but it could be a while, with dry air right now. this morning we had a lot of frost. look at the 20's, fairfield, concord, napa, sonoma, novato, we had 32 around san jose so the temperatures there were also getting close to that frosty level. now, right now we are in the 40's in santa rosa and fairfield and everyone else low-to-mid 50's and san francisco is 58 and already 63 at half moon bay and monterey at 60, and santa cruz is cooler at 52. more warming today, more poor
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air quality and this will continue all the way through the weekend and more likely we will have more "spare the air" days with rough surf that will build through the weekend when it climaxes on sunday. our next rain is possibly next week. if we do not get it next week, it could be next month. now, what is happening today, san francisco is 63 and the same as yesterday, and 1 degrees to 4 degrees warmer from concord to fremont, above average from 60 at fairfield, to concord at 66. inland is warmer at holster at 70. tonight, frosty inland, but san francisco is the warm spot at 44. the beach has arrest -- hazard is right afternoon for the sneaker waves. saturday at 10:00 a.m. to sunday at 4:00 p.m. we get the steady
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strong waves coming in up to 20' or bigger and strong rip currents so the waves will be more dangerous and more plentiful on sunday. if you head to the mavericks, look how gorgeous the weather is, sun shine at 8:00 and 46 and by 11:00 you are at 60 with a light breeze hitting 65 at 2:00 and by the time the sun sets at 5:15 it will be 60. in the sierra, bitter cold at night but in the noonday, 40's. we have mid-to-upper 60's saturday and sunday and probably the car thermometer could touch 70 and cooling on monday and tuesday and more so on wednesday and thursday. right new, it looks to be dry but that is the area we focus on for wet weather next week. >> still trying to get your
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thermometer over 30. >> we have a happy ending to the case of a northern california walmart employee who found a children's notebook filled with rules to live by. someone left the notebook in a parking lot in citrus heights with entries like "don't color on people" and "don't bite the dentist." the owners were found and reunited. eight and ten-year-old cousins inspired each other to write down the rules. >> i said why don't we put the rules in here and whoever breaks it sits here for five minutes so we came up with all these good rules. >> they are good rules. the family received dozens of e-mails including one that talks of a possible book deal. >> isn't that good? >> that is good. >> mike has the
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>> coming up at 4, 49ers fever with the final practice and departure before the big game if atlanta. at 5:00, the outpouring of support for an apartment maintenance worker arrested for killing a burglar in the south bay. the community wants him set free. >> now, the perfect pet on friday. >> talking about you, yeah. >> hello. happy friday! >> nice to see you. tell us about this beautiful brown beagle mix. >> she is six. she is an absolutely adorable sweet dog. she actually has a bit of a visual impairment which not that big of a deal. these dogs generally navigate around their home in familiar situations easily and when they are walking you can give a
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command so if they bump into something, you tell them, stop, want out and they stop and you help them navigate and that is simple. >> we call that charming. >> yes. she is charming. >> she is beautiful. she has been with you a month? >> a month. i am sure some are there longer? >> so this is not too bad but we are looking to get her into a home as soon as possible. >> if you are interested in any of the animals at the san francisco sp ca give them a call. >> thank you all. thanks for joining
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>> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. across from me today is an out-of-work lawyer who does some great presidential impressions and is going to kick things off today by giving us a sample. from new york city, please welcome daniel rogove. welcome to you, daniel. >> thank you. >> working up the crowd, i see. yeah, yeah, yeah. [cheers and applause] all right, daniel, let's hear some of these impressions. >> [as barack obama] well, meredith, uh, you know, we have an important election coming up. the very nature and fabric of our country will be decided. uh, it's important, you know? so that's my obama. >> that's very good. >> i don't want to, like, be-- you know, it's a bipartisan program. [as george w. bush] so i'll do my bush, you know. today, uh, i'm here-- time-out, folks. there are words floating through the air in front of me. i'm freakin' out. [laughter] so those are my presidents. >> they're very good, daniel. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] i've got to-- i may never--i may never be on tv ever again.


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